Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We’re back and we are taking names!

We’re back and we are taking names!
NYMCM is so very excited to announce our new market location,the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in the Short North downtown Columbus! What is better than shopping handmade on a Friday evening and than taking a few steps out the door to tons of restaurants, shop and entertainment!
Not only is the location amazing but also the venue itself offers more opportunities for entertainment and over 75 handmade vendors!
Applications are open now until Sept. 14th! Find them Here:
please apply and spread the word to all your crafty friends. We are the new kids in town and would love your help in making crafting connections!
Booth Size and Prices:
6x5 foot Space = $60 (or $50 for returning vendors)
8x5 foot Space = $ 75 (or $60 for returning vendors)
10 x10 foot Space = $100 (or $85 for returning vendors)
Sponsorships are also available for $200 and $100 For sponsorship information and details please email us at
Another huge new addition to NYMCM this year is Carrie! Carrie is joining our team and serving as co-host! She is bringing some big guns to the table and we are so grateful she is here.
Please learn all about her in our last blog post, “A Note From Carrie.” She is Amazing!
There is MORE MORE MORE to come, so please keep following us on Facebook, here at the blog, and pinterest!
We are so looking forward to seeing you all in November!
Hugs and Stiches,
The NYMCM Team

A Note From Carrie

Hi! I’m Carrie Schaefer and I am the latest addition to the Not Your Mama’s Craft Market (NYMCM) family. I have participated as a vendor in the four previous NYMCM events and served on the Jury Selection Committee. However, I am thrilled to be a part of this ever-changing, always exceptional, handmade only market in a more “official” capacity.
A little about me…. I am a born and raised midwesterner. I’ve been crafting since I was a young girl. Almost everything handmade interests and inspires me. I am married and have three daughters, ages 15, 12 and 9. I operate my small handmade handbag business, Petal Handmade, from my home studio. I am the luckiest gal in the world in that I get to stay at home, help raise our kids, and create to my heart’s desire.
I look forward to the thrills and challenges that come with running NYMCM but mostly I look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion for handmade.
XO -

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Petal Handmade Handbags - Carrie Schaefer

Hello! I am Carrie Schaefer and my business is Petal Handmade Handbags. I design and make handbags and other apparel items and accessories. I personally design and handcraft every item in my shop. I am a Mommy of 3 beautiful little girls and wife to a really good man. We live in a small rural community in central Ohio.
I am excited to be a part of the Not Your Mama’s Craft Market again. This is my third time as a vendor at this market and I can truly say that it is such a great experience. I am truly inspired by all of the creativity flowing through this market. My favorite aspect of the market is meeting fellow craftspeople and artisans and soaking up the creativity they exude. It would be a mistake for me not to mention all the wonderful shoppers who are just as excited to be there as are the vendors.
At the year’s Not Your Mama’s Holiday Craft Market, I will be displaying and selling my usual bags such as my best sellers, The Large Ashley Bag and The Cupecoy Bag.
I am very excited to be debuting a couple of new items at this year’s market. I will have bow-ties for both children and adults. These bow ties are great for family pictures, as part of your holiday party attire and of course for everyday wear! They make great stocking stuffers too! They will also coordinate with the reversible collars that I displayed at last year’s Holiday market.
Also debuting this year is the new Joy Bag. Smart, sophisticated, simple and slim. I made this bag for a friend and loved it so much I decided it needed to be part of my Petal Handmade Handbag repertoire. So I gave her a name and she’s ready for whatever you can dish out!
I look forward to seeing you at the Not Your Mama’s Holiday Craft Market on November 30th! Mention this blog post and get 15% off of one item from my display at the market.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eva Jenae Naturals, LLC - Lydia Gibson

I am Lydia Gibson, owner of Eva Jenae Naturals, LLC. I am a wife, proud mother of two, and an Air Force veteran. My education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of West Florida and a Master of Arts in Management from Wayland Baptist University. I grew up in eastern North Carolina and have lived in the Dayton area for two years. The journey to Eva Jenae Naturals began in 2006 soon after my daughter Eva was born. She was diagnosed with eczema at an early age and I did not comprehend why the prescriptions and store bought products were not working for her. After a bit of research, I realized the prescriptions and even the products we were using that were labeled “all natural” contained chemicals, perfumes, and other ingredients that further irritated her skin. There was an absence of soothing and moisturizing ingredients that would nourish and protect her delicate skin.
Fed up with the alternatives, I began to experiment with simple ingredients that have been used for centuries in healing and skincare. Little Eva’s skin responded so well to the creations that I began sharing them with friends and family who loved them just as much as I did! The encouragement from them inspired the birth of Eva Jenae Naturals!
I made the transition from a hobby to a business in September 2011 when I found myself unemployed after my husband’s military transfer to Ohio. I’ve known I wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was in the 7th grade and felt the time was right to go ahead and dive in. I am fortunate to have my husband and kids as excited about this new venture as I am! What sets Eva Jenae Naturals apart is that ALL NATURAL really does mean ALL NATURAL! Our products are simple, yet effective. No synthetic fragrances, parabens, petroleum or fillers are ever used and we never test products on animals. The raw ingredients and materials we use are purchased only from responsible suppliers and are all natural and/or organic. Each product is handmade in small batches in a sterile environment to ensure freshness.
We are passionate about our business and our mission to create vegan, all natural skin & hair care products. It is our commitment to continually strive to bring you the most beneficial products and provide exceptional customer service. The ultimate goal for our business is to use it as a platform to promote entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, and community involvement among youth.
Lydia Gibson
Phone: (937) 203-8296 Email: Web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shirley’s Sewingroom - Debi Bair

Hi my name is Debi Bair and I am the owner of Shirley’s Sewingroom, my shop can be found on Etsy as I live outside of Urbana near Mutual Ohio with my husband Ron and daughter Stacy and granddaughter Cora. Shirley’s Sewingroom can be found just down the road at the home of my dad Don and my late mom Shirley. Mom’s sewing room is pretty much just the way she left it four years ago, with all of the fabric, patterns and trim. My inspiration came when going through the room and finding all of the doll patterns that she had and remembering all of the doll clothes and many other items that she made for her family. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a child, grandchild, niece, or cousin that doesn’t have something that was created in Shirley’s Sewingroom.
I started making doll clothes for my own granddaughters and realized that this would be a good way to use some of the fabric that I inherited (I will never be able to use it all) and so a shop was born. Mom’s sister Pat joined me early this year when I applied for the spring NYMCM. Most of my outfits are one of a kind since mom never threw away the scraps from anything she made. I specialize in the 18” American Girl style clothes and the 14” Bitty Baby style clothes. These outfits will fit a variety of 18” and 14” dolls. Last spring was my first time as a NYMCM vendor and I had a great time. For this show since it is so close to Christmas I’ve added some little girl jumpers with matching doll jumpers.
I’m really looking forward to the show this year and a chance to do some of my own Christmas shopping for family and friends. I hope everyone will marks their calendar for November 30th, and support not just NYMCM but, all of the local artisans that will be there.
-- Debi

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I am an interior designer, artist, wedding designer and art teacher from West Liberty Ohio. My husband and I moved to Marysville 8 years ago after we graduated from Bowling Green State University. My area of expertise is art history, design and painting, building and upholstery. We have a 6 year old son, and a 3 year old daughter that are little artists in the making. I have a special interest in helping small children develop themselves artistically.
I have recently gotten into flea markets and auctions and fallen in love with old windows. I painted one for my living room, loved it and decided to create more. I do a lot of furniture re-purposing. One of my favorite styles of art is taking something old and breathing new life into it, making others see it differently. I want to add a contemporary twist to vintage items. I really want to show others that I am always reinventing myself. Just when something starts to work, I change it up and create a new challenge. I teach at the Marysville Art League and created “Little Picassos”, an art/ art history class for children ages 5-10. I also work with the BASE program at Bunsold, design weddings for Madison House Designs, paint murals for my customers and attend several art shows as a vendor every year.
My work can be seen and bought at Not Your Mama's Craft Market on Nov. 30th . For more information about me, my classes, or my art, please contact me at or you can follow my work at “Murals By Katy” on facebook!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sol Heritage

My mom, Sherri and I co-own and operate Sol Heritage, using a skill that was passed on from one generation to another. Sherri is a newly retired, creative genius. She has spent the better part of her life helping others and assisting however and whenever she can, whether it is for her career or a friend. She is a crochet mastermind, if you can dream it up; chances are she can crochet it. Sherri is also an avid reader. She enjoys cuddling up on the couch with her black lab, husband and a crochet project to enjoy a good movie.
I am her youngest child, Heather. I have a degree in Forensic Science and dream of opening a boutique with my mom one day, filled with delicious crocheted scarves and cowls, toasty hats and mittens, fresh local coffee and sweet treats. I am newly married and became a bonus mom (aka step mom) to an adorable and bright 9 year old boy. When I’m not working my 9-5, you can find me running a crochet club with my mom, crocheting in my favorite vintage chair, creating all natural bath and body products (I also own Blue Grass Lucy – an all natural, retro & pinup inspired bath and beauty shop), partaking in fun activities with my husband and bonus son, reading, planning craft shows and attending leadership meetings with Etsy Team Columbus, watching just about any sport or playing in a co-ed soccer league with my husband. I am told I drink obscene amounts of coffee and really, I’m okay with that.
We are both from the Kissimmee, Florida area. When I was 10 years old, we moved to Columbus and while I’ve lived in other states for college, I always come home.
Sherri and I both crochet out of our homes. I have a designated “crochet” chair in my living room that often gets stolen by my 50 lb. boxer mix. We work independently but also very closely together. I keep tabs on the business end of things (etsy, blog, website, facebook page, twitter, instagram, etc.) as well as crochet, crochet, crochet. I also handle the shipment of items, packaging, and prop acquisition for craft shows. Sherri is constantly crocheting. We discuss what items are selling, what colors are popular for upcoming seasons, what sales we should run, what products we should feature and so on. Recently, we re-branded our business. Formerly, we were “We Are Something Else”. We seemed to out grow the name and we needed a cohesive brand. So, with the help of my marketing writer husband, we are in the process of completely re-branding. We’re almost there but just have to nail down a few more details.
Sherri has been crocheting for 53 years and I have been crocheting for 5 years. When I started bringing finished projects into work, my co-workers would ask if we could make them one or ask if we could crochet a completely different product. I had been urging Sherri for years to sell her crocheted goods at craft shows but by this time I had been shopping on Etsy. It was an easy decision.
So, we started with just yarn, crochet hooks and very little knowledge of owning a business. Together we have navigated the world of on-line selling, craft/art shows, consignment and have discovered just how much hard work goes into owning a business. Our passion and love has driven us forward because we are creating so much more than a business. We are creating a life of crochet.
Everything inspires me. Fashion, nature, architecture, colors, the list goes on. Often, I get inspired by my previous project, whether in texture so I use a different yarn, color or just a whole other spin off. But truly, my main source of inspiration is Sherri. She is so creative and talented. As I said above, she can crochet anything. Just a few weeks ago, I asked her how to crochet a certain stitch, it looked like broomstick lace but I could tell it wasn’t done the same way. Hours later she emailed me a photo with the caption “Like this?” It was perfect. Sherri inspires me to try the hard projects, to get out of my comfort zone.
Sherri was taught to crochet by her grandmother when she was just 9 years old and then Sherri taught me to crochet when I was 23 years old. (I had a brief lesson when I was 16 years old but that didn’t go well. I needed a few years to learn some patience.)
Many times I have a project in mind so I sketch it in my idea book. From there I think about the season, yarn and the color(s) that would best fit that particular item. When I have everything decided, I brew a piping hot cup of coffee or tea, settle into my vintage “crochet chair” and either watch a show or sporting event with my husband or pop in an old movie and get to crocheting.
Sherri’s process is similar to mine. She graphs out her more intricate patterns and then picks a yarn and color she feels is best for the project. She then gets comfortable on her couch (which is often shared by her lab) and watches movies with her husband or if she’s alone, she prefers Murder She Wrote and Poirot movies.
Our products tell a story. If you listen closely you can hear the stitches whisper. You can hear the faint memory of a crochet hook humming through the yarn, creating a calming song. You can hear the laughter of its creator. You can see the pride in every carefully planned stitch. You can feel the warmth of the creator’s love wrap around your neck like a hug from a familiar friend.
Our items are memories. They create memories. They are front and center and yet a subtle piece of the background. They keep you warm during the blustery days of winter. They are with you at the bon fire where your eyes meet with that special someone. It is our item that you shyly pull your lips into to hide your smile. It is our item that you wear as you briskly walk down the sidewalk, window shopping at Christmas time. It is our item that holds the smell of the one you love after a long embrace. It is our item that you purchase for that special loved one in your life as a perfect gift. It is our item that is delicately woven into your routine each and every day. They are our memories and our legacy that you carry with you as you create your own.
I have the perfect gift for… I want to say everyone! But most of our items cater toward women. We do create unisex hats and scarves as well as baby hats. Sherri crochets adorable pumpkin and buckeye hats and this year I’ll be rolling out a few snowman hats!
We will have gorgeous and soft scarves, neckwarmers, cowls, hats, fingerless gloves, clutch purses, pins and so much more. We will also have our special Soigne Collection which features neckwear in the most beautiful mohair and silk yarn. It is the softest thing that will ever touch your skin.
Why should you shop local?
Not only does shopping local help our local economy, it supports our artisans and creators. For many artists, myself included, these shows are a supplemental income. Not only do I use the money I make from these shows to fund future crochet/body product endeavors but I also pay my bills with them and even Christmas shop.
You are getting an item that has been made with someone’s two hands. Someone has thought of an idea, brainstormed how to make it an actual piece that you can touch and feel and then they have sat down and accomplished just that. There is something amazing about that, I think.
For me, knowing that people are running around Ohio with my OSU Helmet Scarf keeping them warm, is still something that I cannot wrap my head around. It is an amazing feeling and it makes me proud. So, when I sit down to crochet my items, I think of my potential customer (or if it’s a custom order, I think of that very person) and with every stitch, I crochet in peace and warmth. I think of my favorite memories and I whisper little wishes and secrets. Every item is truly a labor of love. And if it’s an Ohio State item, I try to crochet them during games so your item has a winning streak, a good luck charm if you will.
So, while it’s possible, I just don’t think big corporations have this creation process. But artists, we’re a unique bunch and while our creative processes are different, I believe other artists pour in just as much love and quirk as I do into mine. And isn’t that a wonderful thing?