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Free Mother's Day Card!

A little something to let mom know just how much she has helped making you you! Feel free to print, pin, and share!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

So your going to a Craft Market

Read and lean:)

Shawnna Sue - Live Painting Classes!

Well, hello there! My name is Shawnna Sue, and I’m an artist.
When people ask me what medium I work in, I always hesitate. Truth be told, I love every medium. If there is a project that will allow me to use the creative side of my brain, I immediately fall in love with it. I love to get messy and express myself. Paint, paper, clay, cloth, yarn, glass… it’s all good! Currently, I’m a teacher with the Marysville Art League, and I’m enjoying teaching acrylic painting classes. My style is pretty loose and whimsical, and my goal is to encourage everyone to paint. Art should never be some scary, exclusive thing that only “certain” people can do. My classes are taught in a way that anyone can come in, and sit down, and follow along with me, and have a cool piece of artwork to take home that they have created themselves. There is nothing better than getting 25 people in a room, most of them have never painted, and helping them express themselves on canvas with paint. And I provide all of the supplies. All of the canvasses, paint, brushes, aprons… even the theme for the painting! At the Market this year, I’ll be teaching classes, outside under a tent in the fresh air. I’ll have three paintings to choose from at three different times. Pinwheel will be offered at 9am:
Camp will be offered at 11am:
And Whimsy Flowers will be offered at 1pm:
Follow this link to sign up: Here You can always contact me directly with questions:
I hope you’ll sign up for one of my classes at the Market. We’re sure to have a good time!