Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In Mind 4 U.

Everyone has a favorite quote...why not display it? I love to paint...actually, I love anything that allows my creative side to shine through. However, my passion to paint is what led me to creating my vintage inspired hand painted signs. It allows me to express creativity and the opportunity to share with others what I love to do. What also inspired me is my love for quotes. All of us can relate to one quote or another and so many of them have important meanings to all of us....so painting quotes onto wood signs became my "thing". Many of my signs contain quotes that I feel drawn to. Especially the "So, there's this boy...". I am the mother to an amazing son that captures my heart every single day. This sign became a huge favorite amongst my customers. Another quote sign that I truly love is the "Life's Better In Flip Flops". If I could live in flip flops all year round in Ohio I most certainly would! This sign is currently my most popular. I enjoy every bit of time and effort I put into making my signs. I love doing it so much that every day when I wake up it's the first thing I get started on...unless of course I have to go to work. But no sooner do I walk in the door do I get started again. The support and encouragement to continue doing what I do has always been given to my by my husband and my son. Their support is my driving force behind In Mind 4 U.

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