Sunday, November 10, 2013

Women of the Wildwood

Women of the Wildwood - Sisters: Ashley, Amber and Rachael
We are sisters committed to growing a company that provides natural products, using pure ingredients, processed to preserve their quality, free from unnecessary chemicals ; and providing a true customer-company relationship by selling, buying and growing local.
We get our passion from our own daily needs. We started as unhappy customers, battling our own skin woes. Between Ashley's artistic soul, Amber's love of all things nature, and Rachael's thirst for knowledge we really created something great.
It's impossible to be an expert on every product, we are obligated to trust the companies that make the products we use, especially those we use on our skin! Everyone's skin is different and that journey down the skin care aisle is a long one. We have put in the time, and the research, and we'd like the opportunity to be your guide.
We are right next door, and our ingredients come from down the street, we are your neighbors, and a family, sharing the good stuff.

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