Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Melissa Blandi-Kulwicki - Mitzy's Bitzy's Workshop

My shop is "Mitzy's Bitzy's Workshop", and I am Mitzy (aka Melissa Blandi-Kulwicki)
For as long as I can remember, I've made things. When I was five years old my mom started "buying" my drawings. I decided I needed to take my art business on the road. So I headed out the front door into the neighborhood armed with a stack of construction paper drawings and my plastic Fisher- Price tambourine (to collect all my coin profits in). I only made it to two houses. The neighbor told my mom I had clearly laid out my payment options by explaining "I took pennies, nickels, and checks." It was that day my mom says she realized I was going to make my living as an artist.
I attended both Columbus College of Art and Design and The Ohio State University where I majored in Fine Art, before deciding to pursue a career as a Hairdresser and Makeup Artist. I have been busting wigs and painting faces for 17 years, and I adore it!
I love the quirky and unique things in life. I make hand sewn bow ties, scarves, and accessories, as well as original art. Nothing too serious. In other words "Itzy Bitzy Bits of Fun"
I live in Columbus with my husband of 12 years, Keith, and by far my greatest creation ever, our 6 year old son, Sebby. I draw, paint, sculpt, and sew. And I am happy.

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