Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Enthusiast Craft Exchange - Spring 2015

At Not Your Mama's Craft Market we love our customers. We love your enthusiasm. We love your support. We love hearing from you. We love seeing what you do. And we love how you love us! It's time we really show it, So lets get together! 

As customer appreciation we invite you to our first seasonal Enthusiast Craft Exchange! 
   This event is open to everyone from professionals, hobbyists, Pintrest junkies, the "nice triers,"... EVERYONE! If you love to make you'll fit right in! 

How it works: Sign up. Make 20 of the same items. Leave with 20 new and unique items crated by other enthusiasts!  (Like a cookie exchange without the calories!)     
Sew To Speak, a wonderful sponsor or NYMCM will be closing their store to the general public to hold our exchange and give all of you a VIP shopping experance to all their amazing designer fabrics, patterns, trims and all around good stuff! Think of all the Fabric... the fabric!!! So beautiful! (Give me an Amen if you just teared ups little. We won't judge.) 

Get Started:
1)  Reserve your spot on our sign up page: CLICK HERE  
*Only 20 spots will be available so please honor your commitment to coming.

2)  Get Crafting! 
*You will need to make 20 of the same item completed and ready for the exchange.  We ask that what you make be something you would be proud to give as a gift. It absolutely doesn't have to cost you a lot but as fairness to other participants please put effort and quality into your work. A good thought to keep is would I want/buy this for $5-$10 if I saw it at a craft show? 

Ideas can be found or our Craft Exchange board on Pinterest. But we are excited to see what you come up with as well!  Make sure you attach your business card if you have one! 
3)  Go: 
     Sew To Speak is located at 4610 North High Street Columbus, OH (Clintonville) 
     Don't forget  
      -Your 20 handmade items 
      - A box or bag to take your new items home in 
      - A snack to share if your willing! 

****If we have a GRAND response to this event we will consider holding another exchange later the same day if a minimum of 15 people commit. So let us know if you don't make the list and still want to join! 

We are so excited to meet all you makers! 

Hugs and Stiches, 
 Carrie and Chelsey 

For information on upcoming events and news please email or FB message us asking to add your email to our mailing list! 

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