Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Meet the Vendor: Alisha Owens

Tell us about you, where your from and what you do.
I am a full-time wife to a hard working farmer and mama to my beautiful twin daughters. Born and raised in Marysville, we now live on my husbands family farm in Raymond, with 4 generations of Owens' on the same farm (pretty cool stuff!)

What got you started in your crafting business?

I learned to sew when I was 4. My mother, who passed away when I was 6, managed to pass on enough of her infinite wisdom that I was inspired to teach myself the ins and outs. She is always in my heart encouraging me to challenge myself and express my creativity in new ways! With two little girls of my own, it was only natural for me to start sewing fun things for them. Making things for others too is a fun way for me to express my creativity and bring in a little extra income for our family.

Who was your biggest influence?

My mother, definitely. Now...my girls are my inspiration and keep me going!

What is your creative process?

I'm constantly scouting out current styles (in stores, on etsy and pinterest) and thinking how I could reinvent or "fix em up" :) I like to make adorable things that make a mama's (or grandma's or daddies) heart melt when they seem the on their little ones! I also like to make fun fresh things for mama's - anyone who is a mom knows that our appearance normally takes a back seat to our kids. A fun, stylish, practical accessory is good for the soul :)(especially if it's affordable!)

What can we expect to see from you?

I'll have my Winter/Holiday line for the little ones , as as well as winter hats and ear warmers for the whole family!

Why do you want to be here?

As a busy mom, my life is devoted to my family. Doing a show is a chance for me to do something for me. I meet amazing people, get to spend a day with talented crafters and hopefully make someone's heart smile knowing that they've found the perfect thing for someone special in their life!

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