Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Megan from Megan Hogan Art & Design

Hello! I'm Megan, from Megan Hogan Art & Design, I'm an up and coming freelance artist, illustrator, and crafter in the Columbus area. Specializing mainly in unique watercolor and ink designs (originals & prints), I've recently begun branching out into the crafters world to include all of my art onto items such as handmade journals, stickers/magnets, and notecards.
My style is very cohesive, I love working with watercolors because of their vibrancy and using black ink to really add depth, contrast, and detail to each of my pieces. My inspiration for my art is drawn a lot from nature; I love creating floral and wilderness scenes, but anything that is unique or visually grabs my attention helps in my creative process.
I recently quit my part time job of 7 1/2 years to really focus on my art full time and it's been a dream come true. I currently sell my art at Wholly Craft, Simply Vague Polaris location, and a salon off Parson's Ave called Strut. Alongside pursuing my passion of fine art, I'm also an intern of student ministries and very involved with my church. When I'm not working or creating, you can find me out and about around the Columbus area, exploring what our wonderful city has to offer.
My message behind my art is to truly embrace, and live life to the full; My hope is when people view my art, something would come alive in them and would spark their imagination and inspire them to create something beautiful of their own.

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