Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chelsea - Glitteracy

Hey there!
First of all I'm so excited to be a part of Not Your Mama's Holiday Craft Market this year for the first time. Due to also being an elementary Art Teacher creating watercolors has become a hobby of mine to continue making art of my own. When decorating my own apartment, I began to think about what kinds of artwork I would want to hang that were special and also narrative.
My work consists of silhouettes of all kinds filled with watercolors left on their own to swirl and come together to create an image. Creating an abstract artwork held together with a single image is beautiful in its simplicity.
Recently, I have delved into creating artworks that show my love for my hometown in Columbus, Ohio! Born and raised here, I have always been drawn to showing love for my city and thought why not show that love visually for all the other CBUS lovers out there! I've gotten a lot of interest and am really taking off with new ideas as well as revisiting the same images again to paint them in a ever changing color schemes!
I can't wait to share my work with you over the Thanksgiving Break that is creeping up on us! Thank you for your time!
614 Love,

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