Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dee of DeeFuzion Limited

Hi! I’m the ‘dee’ of deeFuzion limited, and I am pleased to be a first-timer to this year’s Not Your Mama’s Craft Market. I am a fused glass artist and I work with both recycled and art glass, and I even occasionally work with other mediums. A real ‘fuzion’, I am!
I got started with fused glass when a friend asked me to take a class with her. We discovered a shared love and talent for it, so we started a little business together, with our business model including philanthrophy; a portion of each sale is donated to good causes. After a couple years, she decided to focus on her other career – being a doctor (go figure!) – and I inherited the biz. I changed the name, took lots more classes, got a bigger kiln, and here I am today!
My academic background is in international education, so I often use other cultures as inspiration. I’m also an old dance teacher, and I try to infuse my pieces with lyricism and rhythm. My sense of humor is alternatively very dry or very goofy, so you might see a touch of whimsy or a glint of sarcasm in them as well.
I take pride in holding my pieces to high standards, and I am very pleased when others find pleasure in what I’ve made. I look forward to being with other like-minded artists at this venue, and to bringing you one-of-a-kind and well-made pieces of glass art. See you soon!
Dee of DeeFuzion Limited

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  1. Dee is a true artist who loves what she does and puts her heart and soul into each amazing piece she creates.