Thursday, November 13, 2014

Murals by Katy - Katy Sanford

I am an artist, designer and owner of Murals by Katy that does custom painting on just about anything. Adding a contemporary twist to vintage items with bright colors and patterns are my areas of expertise. Sewing, upholstery and furniture design are also on my resume of artistic abilities!
I am also creator and teacher of Little and Junior Picassos, an art history based class for young children at the Marysville Art League. I have a special interest in helping children develop themselves artistically. My husband Ryan and I have two children, Keaton and Laiyton who are little artists in the making.
I am always reinventing myself as an artist and when my work becomes too comfortable, I change it up for a new challenge!
Katy Sanford
Murals by Katy

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