Friday, November 7, 2014

Tutes - Jen Kuo

Hello all!
My name is Jen Kuo, and I create wire jewelry and wine charms for my shop Tutes. I am a Columbus native and graduate of the Ohio State University. I currently live in Dublin with my husband and fur-babies: two huskies (Tasha and Tank), a German shepherd (Tyson), and my beloved old man kitty (Simba). I began crafting when I was a kid with my mom and two sisters. We were knitting and crocheting before we were 10, and continued to pick up just about any craft we could get our hands on as we grew up.
My wire script jewelry began in 2013 when I put together a mix-matched table of various random crafts and jewelry for a flea market in Columbus that included my script wire jewelry. From there, I continued to concentrate on my wire jewelry, with the script Ohio's becoming the center of my collection as a nod to my alma mater.

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