Monday, October 29, 2012

Meet the Vendor: Jen Walkington

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Jen Walkington, and I just moved to Columbus from Madison, WI this summer. My husband, Jeff, is working as an engineer at a job sight on the OSU campus. I am originally from Fresno, CA, and since then have lived in Sacramento (CA), Indianapolis (IN), Jacksonville (IL), right outside Springfield, and Madison (WI). All capitol cities! I met my husband at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (Go Salukis!), and we have two sons, Jackson (age 12) and Avery (age 9). I have an elementary education degree, and am currently looking for a job in the Hilliard area.

How did you begin crafting?

In Madison, the winters can be harsh. Very harsh. So about three years ago, we had a record snowfall and I decided that I needed something to do indoors that didn't require me going out in the snow. I had always wanted to learn to crochet, but I didn't t know one single person who could teach me....enter Youtube. That winter, with the help of some girl on the internet, I learned how to crochet. I was hooked, and I loved having a creative outlet during those cold winter days. Slowly, I started making other items and learning a little embroidery, fabric flowers, and so on. I made so many that I decided I needed to sell some, just to make room in my craft area! And so,kiwifruit designs was born!

What inspires you?
I do a lot of research online for creative inspiration. There is a huge amount of information for crafters online these days, and since most of it is free, I can spend too long (just ask my husband!) on the internet finding my next project. I also am a regular at the library. Already, our local Columbus library has seen my face enough that I can point out who works there, and who doesn't!

What can we expect from you at Not Your Mama's Craft Market?
This year, my main craft is crocheted hats. I love making hats because in my mind, it's a blank canvas, and I can do so many different things to make it "mine". I also make glass magnets, bookmarks with paper clips as a base, clip on bow ties for boys and men, headbands, crocheted mug cozies, and hand painted jersey scarves. (I have some sort of adult ADHD, because I hop from one kind of craft to another!!)

Why are you interested in this market?
I am excited to experience craft fairs in Columbus for the first time this year. Not Your Mama's Craft Fair intrigued me because I have been a part of craft fairs where I feel my crafts don't fit in with all the doilies and potholders. Chelsey seems to have gone to a lot of work to ensure this is a high quality, fun, hip craft fair, and I am so excited to be a part of these artists!!


Thanks Jen!  We can't wait to see you at the market! During a blustery week like this one, warm weather wear definitely on my mind.  Stay warm, everyone!

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