Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stowe Mission: This Year's Charity Raffle

photo credit: stowemission.org
 This year’s raffle will be helping out those who most need it most during the holiday season; the poor and homeless in central Ohio. All of the proceeds from the raffle at the Not Your Mama’s Craft Market will go to Stowe Mission. 

Stowe Mission has been serving the south side of Columbus for 30 years. The goal at Stowe is to be more than a temporary band-aid to the generational problems of poverty and homelessness in the community that they serve. They want to fill the hole in people’s lives, not just with a warm meal or coat, but with the love of community and Christ, and equip those same people by asking not only “how can we help you?”, but more importantly, “how can we love you?” and, “how can we get you to the point where you no longer need our help, and you’re now helping us serve others?”

Stowe serves a free lunch five days a week (with over 100,000 meals last year alone) and the numbers are increasing every month. Stowe has a free dental and eye clinic where people wait in line for over 5 hours to receive care. They have a chapel with Sunday school and Bible studies; and a deal is in the works to become an emergency shelter for the homeless due to the overflowing shelters in central Ohio. Sadly, the fastest growing homeless population in the US is children. The economy may be turning around for the middle and upper class, but the poor have always been the first hit in a recession and the last to recover.  These are real people, with spouses and children, with real needs, who want to get out of the rut they have found themselves in. We can honestly make a grass roots change in people’s lives by giving to an organization that has the priority of changing lives.
Please help those who truly need it.

The raffle prizes will consist of three baskets that are filled to the brim with products donated from every single vendor in the market. That’s over six quality handmade goods per basket! At a dollar a ticket, that’s what you call a deal!

To preview the Market please like our Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/NotYourMamasCraftMarket

(Psstt - Like us on Facebook, and share the craft market poster from November 5 in order to be entered for 20 FREE raffle tickets!)

Don't forget to come see us in person for your chance to win on Nov. 24th 2012 from 9-3 at the historic Houston House 264 W. Fifth St. - Marysville, Ohio 43040

And to learn more about Stowe and volunteer information see their webpage:  http://www.stowemission.org/

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